Dentist podcasts: 7 recommendations

18. May 2022 | Media, Information for dentists

For several years now, podcasts have been steadily gaining in popularity. There are a number of podcasts for every conceivable subject area. The first podcast by a dentist, “Saure Zähne” (Acid Teeth), was launched in 2016. Since then, more and more dentists have stepped up to the microphone. Whether you are just curious, a beginner, or already an established dentist: there is a podcast for everyone. For this article, we have selected seven podcasts about dentistry.

“Dentalstarter Podcast”

Young dentist Eva created Dentalstarter Podcast to share her own experiences and those of her colleagues on their way into the profession. She originally studied media and communications and now talks about the ups and downs of becoming a dentist. With interesting guests and exciting talks, you will get a somewhat different insight into the world of dentistry. Each episode lasts about 40 minutes.

“Der Praxiserfolg Podcast für Zahnärzte” (The Practice Success Podcast for Dentists)

Sven Walla has been a coach and consultant for dentists for more than 14 years. He focuses on strategy, marketing, and revenue growth for dental practices. In addition to these topics, Walla also discusses successful leadership, management, and communication in his podcast. His 10-minute episodes are especially interesting for dentists who want to be even more successful.

“Dental Startup”

For those about to establish a dental practice, we recommend the podcast by Jörg Schröder: Dental Startup. Since 2009, he has also been holding the course “Fit für die Existenzgründung” (Fit for Starting a Business) in Berlin for aspiring self-employed dentists. Listeners will gain insights into the initial planning processes, from generating ideas right through to the eventual opening of a practice or the takeover of an existing practice.

“Saure Zähne Dental Podcast” (Acid Teeth Dental Podcast)

Host Georg Benjamin invites a different guest to each of his podcast episodes. When launched in 2016, “Saure Zähne Dental Podcast” became the first podcast for dentists in Germany. The 10- to 80-minute episodes discuss a wide variety of topics in dentistry.

“Aufgebohrt: Der Podcast für nachhaltigen Praxiserfolg” (Drilled: the podcast for sustainable practice success)

Dentists who already run their own practice will love this podcast. As the name suggests, it focuses on the sustainable success of dental practices and addresses the most important management issues. This is the ideal podcast for all dentists who want to become successful or continue to thrive.


The Implatalk podcast takes up a somewhat more specialized topic. Dr. Stefan Helka’s YouTube channel of the same name is the platform’s first German-language channel on implantology, dental esthetics, dental health, and dental anxiety. The podcast wants to provide further education on these subjects and help patients overcome their fears.

“Praxisflüsterer Podcast – Business Wissen für erfolgreiche Zahnärzte” (Practice whisperer podcast: business knowledge for successful dentists)

Christian Henrici is the self-proclaimed “practice whisperer”. With national and international guests from academia, practice, and the world of business, he discusses a wide variety of topics in great detail and shares useful tips and hacks for dentists. There are now four seasons of the podcast. Our dental expert and co-founder Prof. Schwendicke has been among those invited and shared the latest findings about artificial intelligence in dentistry. Listen in!

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