Explore dentalXrai Pro 3.0

  • Highly precise analyses
  • Extended set of detections
  • Comprehensive evaluation of periodontal bone loss
Vollautomatisierte Röntgenbefundung mit künstlicher Intelligenz

Explore dentalXrai Pro 3.0

  • Highly precise analyses
  • Extended set of detections
  • Comprehensive evaluation of periodontal bone loss

Now available: dentalXrai Pro 3.0 providing new functionalities

From now on you can get our new software version 3.0 with improved and extended
features for an even more extensive and precise analysis of dental X-ray images.

Figure: Schematic representation of the user interface with the enhanced list of detections

NEW: Perio Pro Mode

Periodontal bone loss is one of the most prevalent dental diseases. Its assessment and diagnosis requires time and the documentation comes with significant efforts, based on the evaluation of every single tooth.

With a single click, our new Perio Pro Mode detects, documents and visualizes the periodontal bone on the radiograph. The adapted tooth map visualizes the mesial and distal bone loss by trapezoids and automatizes the documentation process. Additional color codes help to assess the overall status more rapidly.

Figure: Joint discussion of the periodontal bone loss with the patient

NEW: Detection of the Mandibular Nerve

This new feature highlights the potential proximity between a root apex and the mandibular canal. It acts as a warning and makes you aware of being particularly vigilant during surgical or endodontical procedures. The affected tooth is highlighted in light green on the X-ray image and by using the symbol of a zigzag line on the tooth map.

NEW: Detection of Calculus

Our new software version 3.0 is also able to detect and highlight calculus on bitewing radiographs. The function allows you to find calculus in the interdental spaces and to better communicate it to your patients. Calculus is visualized in the X-ray image as well as by means of a yellow angle on the tooth map.

Improved and extended basic functions for an optimized patient communication

  • New Periapical Mode for the automatic detection of caries and apical lesions on periapical images
  • More precise detection of caries on panoramic radiographs
  • Extended list of detections
  • New legend of color-coded detections
  • Optimized user interface (e.g. auto zoom function)
  • Expanded interactive tooth map allows a fast processing of the analysis results

We look forward to introducing dentalXrai to you!

Learn about our AI solution for dental professionals

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  • Automated processes
  • Time-saving support
  • Color coded detections

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