Dental software: Doctolib, jameda and Doctena in comparison

15. July 2022 | Practice Management, Information for dentists

There are now countless dental software programs on the market. We at dentalXrai also offer AI-based software that supports dentists in analyzing X-ray images. However, these software programs differ significantly in terms of their features and some will bring more benefit to your practice than others. In this article, we have focused on providers who offer appointment scheduling and let patients rate doctors’ services. We will compare the three largest providers: Doctolib, jameda, and Doctena.

Doctolib’s dental software

With around 1.9 million appointments scheduled per month, Doctolib is the second largest online scheduling platform of its kind. In total, Doctolib offers four solutions: appointment and patient management, vaccination management, virtual dental consultations, and the “Doctolib Team” messenger service.
Appointment and patient management are probably the greatest benefits for the day-to-day work in dental practices as they enable a digitalized workflow. Patients can schedule appointments online at any time and no longer have to call, which at the same time results in less work for dental staff.

When scheduling an appointment, important documents can be shared or requested directly. Patients can also get automatic reminders, resulting in fewer missed appointments. After treatment, patients can be referred to other specialists via Doctolib.
For practices that offer vaccinations, vaccination management offers intuitive documentation solutions. In total, the software costs €129 per month per healthcare professional. Do not forget to feed your Doctolib profile with useful information about your dental practice or even FAQs.

Once an additional service, virtual dental consultation has become an established practice, especially in times of COVID-19. It allows for contactless and smooth consultations with patients without any additional software. This service can be easily integrated into the Doctolib calendar. Needless to say, it complies with the highest data protection requirements. You can even test the service free of charge until 12/31/2022. After that, the service will cost €49 per month per practitioner.

What sets Doctolib apart from its competitors is the “Doctolib Team” service. With this free messenger, you can chat with other colleagues and share valuable experiences. You can even use this GDPR-compliant network if you do not use any other Doctolib service.

jameda’s dental software

jameda is the largest doctor-patient platform in Germany. Eight million patients use the website every month. Just like Doctolib, jameda’s practice software also offers appointment management, vaccination management, and virtual dental consultation. Additionally, there is a strong focus on practice marketing and improving visibility in search engines like Google.

Another focus area is patient ratings. After treatment, patients can assign grades from one to six and write a review. As a dentist, you have the opportunity to respond to these reviews on jameda. In terms of price, jameda offers three different packages: Basic for €0, Gold Pro for €99, and Platinum for €159. You can choose the most appropriate package depending on your individual needs.

The Basic package includes a free profile created in jameda’s dental software. You can comment on reviews on your practice and thus increase your visibility on Google. The Gold Pro package also includes software for appointment management and virtual dental consultations. In addition to the above feature, the most expensive package – Platinum – also focuses on increasing your online visibility and offers a wide range of other services. Your practice will be listed on over 40 online portals, such as Yelp or MeineStadt. jameda also provides SEO-optimized texts for your online presence.

Doctena’s dental software

If you are only looking for a digital appointment scheduling solution, Doctena is the place to go. With 1.7 million appointments scheduled per month, Doctena is the least popular website in our comparison, but it is also the most affordable. You can easily integrate both the online appointment scheduling and the rating option on your website. Another advantage: appointments are only shown to the patient if the necessary equipment and staff capacities are available. You can adjust such requirements in Doctena by setting rules.

Just as with jameda, you can also choose between three packages: Flex, Standard, and Standard Plus. The Flex package is mostly recommended for smaller practices. It includes a module for online appointment scheduling as well as a complete and SEO-optimized profile at Doctena. The profile itself is free of charge. However, €3.90 will then be charged per scheduled appointment.

The Standard package offers an unlimited number of scheduled appointments. Apart from that, you can also use Doctena’s hotline and an optimized cloud calendar. The whole package is €39.90 per month. The website does not list a price for the Standard Plus package because you can add options so that the final price varies. These options include, for example, virtual dental consultation, a patient referral module, and the integration of Doctena data into other software.

Practice software: how it benefits you as a dentist

As is so often the case, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your dental software. What is certain, however, is that in most cases, dental software is worthwhile for optimizing both day-to-day and digital workflows. On the one hand, the time required for making appointments by telephone can be significantly reduced. On the other hand, appointments can be scheduled around the clock, which is extremely convenient for patients. Features like virtual dental consultation or online profiles offering impressions and information about your practice also result in greater patient convenience. Reviews are another helpful option for patients. Automatic appointment reminders result in fewer missed appointments. After treatments, data and findings can be easily forwarded to other specialists.

Satisfied patients are certainly in your best interest because their satisfaction leads to better reviews and increases the likelihood that they will come to your practice again. Of course, it is entirely up to you to decide which software fits you best. We recommend evaluating the advantages, disadvantages, and costs.


Advantages at a glance:

  • digitalized workflow
  • 24/7 appointment scheduling
  • less red tape
  • improved visibility online
  • virtual dental consultation for contactless office hours
  • greater patient comfort
  • simple referrals to other specialists
  • automatic appointment reminders and fewer missed appointments

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