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11. April 2022 | Patients, Information for dentists

A visit to the dentist’s brings back unpleasant memories for many patients. This makes it all the more important to give them a good feeling throughout their entire visit – from the external appearance of the dentist’s teeth and modern practice equipment with the latest technology to smooth treatment and process handling. The path to a modern dental practice requires a lot of planning. In this article, you will find out what you need to consider, what opportunities, and, above all, what advantages this process has in store for you.

Planning is key

As in almost all areas of life, technology in dentistry has constantly evolved in recent years. If you add new standards in design and layout, you will understand why dental practices from ten years ago now look outdated and accordingly do not make the best impression on patients. However, these impressions often decide whether your patients return or start looking for a new dental practice.

If you decide to modernize your practice, the possibilities are endless. “Where?” is the first question you should answer. While new dental practice spaces allow for more options in design and arrangement, they also require more work and are consequently more costly. You also run the risk of losing your regular patients when you relocate your practice. That’s why dentists often focus on remodeling their existing practice.

In any case, it is recommended to consult professionals like interior designers and architects. They will support you in the planning and creation of your modern dental practice. Do colors and shapes match the materials used in your practice? Do fittings and furnishing reflect your corporate design? What are the options for lighting? These questions should be addressed in close coordination with design experts. Note, however, that the landlord should always be informed as well if you are renting the dental practice space.

Involve your team in the planning process

The first impression counts! Accordingly, it is important to give patients a good feeling when they enter your practice. Your reception area is of major importance. Ideally, patients will understand the layout of the practice at first glance. It might also help to ask your team about their opinion.

Your employees have valuable experience in the day-to-day work at your practice. Which routes do dentists, patients, and assistants take through the rooms? The question is, of course, aimed at optimizing the workflow. Wherever possible, the layout should enable short distances. Your team’s opinions and experiences can be enormously helpful for this process.

A modern dental practice by means of artificial intelligence

In addition to design and layout, the equipment also plays a major role in this respect. The latest dental chairs as well as modern techniques and technologies are just the beginning. By adopting digital patient management, you increase the comfort of your patients. Send automated appointment reminders via SMS or email and access patient information in mere seconds. Goodbye paperwork – the environment loves it, too.

There are particularly exciting developments in the areas of X-ray imaging, diagnostics, and image analysis. 3D X-ray imaging can reduce radiation exposure by up to 90 percent and it also provides a detailed rendering of the scanned area. Artificial intelligence in dentistry takes innovation one step further. DentalXrai offers AI-supported software that evaluates X-ray images within seconds. This is not only faster than the manual analysis by the dentist, but also more reliable*.

With the help of iPads® and the infoskop® interface of our cooperation partner synMedico, the results are displayed directly in the X-ray image – simple, modern, and digital. This not only makes your work easier; thanks to color-coding, your patients will find it much easier to understand these images.

Think about your online presence

One area that should not be neglected is your presence on the Internet. When patients are looking for a modern dental practice, the first step is usually a Google search. On the one hand, your practice should be easy to find online and on the other hand, it should leave a positive and respectable impression. Supply useful information for your patients and strive for a modern website based on your corporate design. Photographs as impressions of your practice and an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to find all the necessary information can help.

Conclusion: advantages of a modern dental practice at a glance

Deciding to modernize your practice and initiating the appropriate steps are worthwhile in any case. Here are the benefits of a digital practice for you, your staff, and your patients in a nutshell: 

  • better workflow through optimized planning
  • increased comfort for your patients through layout, lighting, and design
  • improved patient communication
  • better visibility online
  • more reliable and faster results through AI software
  • more organized day-to-day work through digital patient management
  • increased productivity by saving time in many areas


* According to the study “Detecting caries lesions of different radiographic extension on bitewings using deep learning” of 2020 our AI “dentalXrai Pro” detects up to 3x more caries lesions at an early stage in comparison with conventional dental diagnoses.


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